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14 February, 2018



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Feeling lonely? Want to meet new people? Well we got something for you! In Tanks Meet Zombies, you are a Tank and you get to be introduced to the wonderful world of Zombies. So, dress up as an Assault Armored Vehicle and prepare yourself to speed date, we mean destroy, hordes and hordes of undying humans, bears, spiders and more! Unwind with an incredibly serious yet extremely satisfying arcade shooter and join with up to 3 more friends and get ready to wreak havoc, it will be a BLAST!


The year was 2015, an year of depression as our first financed game had just been canned. Yet, we were invited to showcase our company at Lisboa Games Week. However, we could not show Slinki again, we had already done that for the past 3 conventions. People were tired of the same projects, they needed something new. They needed...an intuitive arcade shooter featuring cartoon tanks as its main concept. And so, Titan Forged Games got into it again with a 7 day prototype named "Tanks Against Violence". Because our prototype had so much positive feedback, we decide to finish it and submit it to the 1st edition of Prémios Playstation Portugal, where we were nominated finalists. Months later, the zombie concept came up and when it was cramed into our prototype, Tanks Meet Zombies were born.


  • Rip through hordes of comically-looking zombies, and some spiders, with an amazing array of ballistics (and non ballistic) weapons at your disposal.
  • Feel a sense of Pride and Accomplishment by unlocking your arsenal as you perform achievements in campaign, arcade, survival or versus mode.
  • Afraid of getting bit? Don’t worry! You can also slaughter the undead from the comfort of your very own armored vehicle by running them over.
  • Travel to insane and exotic locations including a Graveyard, a Caribbean Beach, the Wild Wild West, and more!
  • Get ready to rank up that high-score as your blood lust intensifies!
  • Unlock new armored vehicles, and weapons, as you play and change your gameplay style
  • Get ready to wipe your windshield as pieces of shrapnel come flying from every little thing you destroy.
  • Full Controller Support because of that one time we ported the game to Xbox One.
  • And possibly a few other features we forgot to mention.

Recommended System Configuration

  • 5th Generation Intel CPU or Equivalent
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 800MB of free hard drive space
  • A DirectX 10 compatible GPU


Release Trailer YouTube, .mp4


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (20MB)

download logo files as .zip (219KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist at 2015's edition of Prémios Playstation Portugal" Tanks Meet Zombies' gameplay prototype "Tanks Against Violence" was a finalist at 2015's edition of Playstation Awards Portugal
  • "Official Selection Indie Dome 2016, 2017" Selected to represent independently developped games at the Indie Dome (http://indiedome.org/) at Lisboa Games Week in the years 2016 and 2017.

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More than a company, we are a team of friends, united by the wish to make awesome videogames, and have lots of fun doing so.

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Game Name Credits

Nuno Barreto
Programmer, Sound Designer, Game Designer

Pedro Caetano
Programmer, Game Designer

Sérgio Alves
Additional 3D Models, Animator

Daniel Lobo

Miguel Antero
3D Modeler

Vanessa Camacho
2D Illustrator

João Mascaranha

Rui Craveirinha
Additional Game Design

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